Year End Review

imageMt. Tamalpais

This little painting is 1.5 x 2.5 inches, in the moleskine journal as are all my sketches.

I used to think that nothing ever happened in my life, then a few years ago I began ending each year by reviewing my sketchbook journals and making a list of all the significant events that came along. What I discovered, to my amazement, is that many things do happen to me, and most of them are good.

Somehow the routine of life tends to dull our memories of the unique moments we’ve experienced. Life seems more exciting to me now even though nothing has actually changed!

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  1. Lee-Roy Says:

    This is precisely one of the reasons why I am trying to journal and sketch more. Memories! Plus, the more you do this, the more you try to create noteworthy and sketchworthy events in your life. They feed each other. Thank goodness. An inspiring angle you provide here. Thanks.

  2. Jana Bouc Says:

    That’s a wonderful observation and so true…I have a pretty quiet life but there’s a lot going on even though it may not look like it. I like the Mt. Tam painting and the serenity and strength I see in it.

  3. Peggy Says:

    AI love your sketchbooks!! I just need to make myself journal everyday. I keep a calendar in which I make an entry every day of one good thing that happened that day. Every day has a least one good thing. Then when I feel down, I can look back and see instantly that life is not all bad. And this year I have begun to make a note about which project I have worked on and what progress I have made.

    It is a treat everyday to see what you have added.

  4. Yari Says:

    Beautiful sketchbook. I wish I could paint… but I just sketch.
    You say you are using a daily planner Moleskine sketchbook; is it lined???
    I like the look and feel of your binded journals!!! Great idea…

    Martha: Thanks for leaving a comment at .

  5. Soultide Says:

    I can identify with your words because this happens to me when I read the journals that I write in periodically. Whenever I feel that my life is monotonous, I go back and read some pages and realise that it’s not at all.

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