New César on Piedmont

César Sketch

The Bar César tapas place has a new location on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. I finally got over there to check it out: very nice! They’ve got a whole wall of goodies, including these paella pans of various sizes.

12 Responses to “New César on Piedmont”

  1. alison Says:

    Oh, I love this one – such amazing detail gives a great feeling of intimacy – like I’m sitting there right next to you.

  2. Lin Says:

    Just the right touch of color and charming, lovely rendering!! LOvE IT!

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    Delightful sketch, as always. Did you get my email about the request by an organization for some sketches of the Elmwood area for a save the Elmwood website? If you didn’t let me know and I’ll send it again. Jana

  4. Karen Blados Says:

    This is beautiful. How long does it take you to do a sketch like this? Did you color it on site? I find it hard to draw out, but then, I’m usually trying to keep one or another of my kids from spilling something.

  5. laserone Says:

    Sounds like a neat place. Love the drawing! 🙂

  6. Karen Winters Says:

    That wall is really fun to look at, Martha!

  7. stephanie s Says:

    yes, i am with peter… one day i would love to be able to do this, and have time to eat too…

  8. andreaj Says:

    Saw this on Flickr – I totally love it! Full of character.

  9. Peter Says:

    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really enjoy your artwork. It gives me something to aspire to.

  10. judy Says:

    just ate at this resturant last week.. and bought their cookies that were on the menu….yummie! i reconized the sketch…. great… and great resturant.

  11. Terry Banderas Says:

    All of your art has a nice, soft feeling . Your use of color is very good. Shadows also are very nice. I do enjoy seeing any new art that you post.

  12. Casey Says:

    When I saw this drawing I recognized your style right away! It looks like a great place, and your illustration of it is wonderful (as usual).

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