Stan’s Labyrinth

Labyrinth in Sibley Park (larger)

Last weekend was cool, but sunny. A friend and I took a hike in the East Bay hills, in the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. From the top you can stand in one spot and see San Francisco, Mt. Tamalpais in Marin, and Mt. Diablo to the East all at the same time. That’s hard to do from the ground!

The park is the site of several small dormant volcanos and an old rock quarry. It’s a geologist’s dream. There are also at least four man-made rock and grass labyrinths. Here is a view looking down on one, with the Bay and Mt. Tam in the distance.

14 Responses to “Stan’s Labyrinth”

  1. carl gadsey Says:

    thanks so much for sharing your talent and work. you are an inspiration to me.

  2. chris chua Says:

    Just ran across your post on the Sketchcrawl forum and wanted to say how lovely your art is! Great use of watercolors and sketching. Keep on posting more, please:)

  3. vern Says:

    nice stuff. your work is quite inspiring. i’m glad to have met you at sketchcrawl. keep sketching!

  4. Carrie Says:

    I love your work! It’s so beautiful and inspiring, you make it look so easy 🙂 I’ve looked through several pages of your entries and I feel as if I went on a mini vacation 🙂 I’m going to add you to my blogroll so I make sure to come back and see what else you’ve added! Thanks for sharing!

  5. E-J Says:

    Wonderful sketch – I love the way it climbs across the two-page spread, and the way your marks suggest much greater detail.

  6. Jane LaFazio Says:

    lovely composition and a great way to handle the subject of the labyrinth (or however it’s spelled!) I’ll be in a garden today, with a labryinth and will be inspired by your lovely drawing.

  7. Rosemary Says:

    Gorgeous! I love your composition here.

  8. martha Says:

    Peter: Yes, I too struggle with the color levels on my scans. Lately I’ve been doing the scan (fairly washed out), then playing with the levels and brightness in Photoshop until what I see on the screen matches what I see in my sketchbook.

    Bill: I do get the occasional backrun, but try to just ignore them (it’s just a sketch, after all!). The trick though is to monitor the color/water ratio and always go more concentrated if you’re adding to a wet area, or be sure to pull away and down from an already painted area if you are painting nearby with a weaker mixture. I hope that makes sense; it’s hard to describe!

  9. Ronell Says:

    Hi..I also love the different perspective which brings your eye to rest at the labyrinth. Very nice painting.

  10. Mithi Says:

    Love it! … really like how the composition is mostly on one side …

  11. Lin Says:

    LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!!!! I love the way you’ve rendered such an unusual perspective … the colors and the placement of the labyrinth within the gardens … beautiful!

  12. Bill fm EDM Says:

    Well done. Unusual perspective/ Lovely colors. Interesting what the labyrinths are for.
    Do you ever have a problem with backruns on the hotpress paper you use?

  13. Peter Says:

    Wow! Another beautiful sketch. I have a question regarding these images: when you scan in your sketches, do the colors get all washed out? I’ve found that when I scan in my watercolor sketches, the colors get all faded.

    Do you find that you have to tinker with the color levels after you scan in the picture?

  14. Jane Says:

    I commented on flickr already, but this merits another remark because it’s so beautiful. But then, I like everything you share with us. Thanks for being so generous.

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