Hawaii Sketchbook

Pupu Hut, D.T. Fleming Beach (larger)

Five days of vacation in Hawaii: yowza! Short, but very sweet. We went to Maui for a small family wedding and had a great time. Swimming, walking, snorkeling, dining and sunburn: we got it all.

Despite the activity I managed sketch every day. There were sketch-worthy views everywhere: wish I’d had more time. I admit to being sick of drawing palm trees though!

David & Marie 4/17/07, D.T. Fleming Beach (larger)

My sketch kit was with me everywhere I went and I got sand in everything. My little paintbox has the stuff in every pan. I probably should empty it out and put fresh paint in, but I am inclined not to bother. Free texture!

I was able to do all of these drawings on site but much of the painting was done later: some even here at home. I find that if I can finish a sketch the same day it’s fine, but if even one night goes by the results are not optimal: stiffer and less lively. I need to work on speeding up.

sketch_fleming beach
D.T. Fleming Beach (larger)

Kapalua Bay (larger)

It’s always a treat to sketch daily for a number of days, especially in an unfamiliar environment. Everything looks interesting to me when I’m away from home. What a great excuse to travel, travel, travel!

Moon & Venus (larger)

Lanai & Molokai, from Hawea Point (larger)

At the Pool (larger)

sketch_on airplane
Flight to Maui (larger)

Molokai, D.T. Fleming Beach (larger)

At Kahului Airport (larger)

Palm Trees (larger)

23 Responses to “Hawaii Sketchbook”

  1. Steve F Says:

    Simply awesome talent. I copied your ‘Fleming Beach’ in black ink pen. Hope you don’t mind. (It didnt come out nearly as good!)

    Thankyou for taking my mind away for a few moments.

    Cape Cod

  2. Leilila Marcelino Says:

    I think they are pretty and awesome and good can you make some more pictures pretty please!!!!!!

  3. mercitasher marcelino Says:

    hey these are awsome sketches I also love to draw and paint too but I wish I was good like you umm… I dont know what else to say oh yeah when you said those teens were complimenting you and not knowing what is was you were drawing (typewriter eraser in Seattle) that was hilarious thanks!!! but I’m only 12 and hope to be as googd as you some day thanks for shareing hahaha!!! sincerly, your fan mercitasher marcelino !!!

  4. Anna Says:

    Really lovely,inspirational,vibrant sketches,well done!

  5. June Parrish Cookson Says:

    Hi Martha,

    Wonderful and inspiring work. You truly have an incredible ability to capture the essence of Hawaii.

  6. Bill Says:

    Beautiful drawings. I agree with you about unfamiliar locations. Traveling always make me want to paint.

  7. Renate Says:

    How great to see all this beautiful sketches! I was looking forward to it and I’m not disappointed. Wonderful. I hope you make many more travels so at least we – who stay at home – have this way to see the world. 🙂

  8. Serena Says:

    I love how you rendered the palm trees! Your work is beautiful ~ 🙂

  9. why Says:

    very nice! lovely colors and beautiful sketches as always!

  10. Jana Bouc Says:

    Wow! What a feast for the eyes and spirit. I feel more relaxed now just seeing them. Each one is a perfect jewel. You did a fabulous job with the oceans…I find the sea so hard to paint. And they’re all in your inimitable Martha style which I so love. Thanks for sharing these lovely images.

  11. ParisBreakfasts Says:

    FUN! Martha
    Palm trees are tough to draw & paint…
    I always get caught up in the fronds and forget the rest of the tree and get the proportions off. It’s easier to paint a coffee cup 🙂

  12. Mariana Says:

    What delightful sketches! I love the way you’ve done those palm trees, they look great. Really nice.

  13. janey Says:

    What a lovely little sketch. I like the girl with the red flowers in her hand. Reminds me of a romantic movie. After the last hurricane all we have in are Palm Trees and they’re not even native to Florida. I certainly wouldn’t mind see some Hawaii palms for a little change.

  14. Karen Blados Says:

    SO jealous! Hawaii is a dream vacation for me and your sketches make me drool. Looks like a fabulous time.

  15. Terry Banderas Says:

    All of your artwork has a nice softness about them. I enjoy all of your stuff here and on Flickr.

  16. Ronell Says:

    You had a lovely time, by the sound and the looks of it. Beautiful sketches you have – the palm trees look really windblown and my favorite is the last sketch, the two chairs…a great last sketch to remember the long longering, relaxed days!! I hope you feel inspired and full of ideas after such a great time.
    Very nice work.

  17. Lee-Roy Says:

    Great Hawaii sketches! Beautiful. I know, it is very sketchworthy. I was there a few months back and did a fair amount, myself, though not very much color. To my own chagrin. I was using a Moleskine sketchbook and well, we know how that is with color. Of course, I’d taken my watercolor sketchbook, but most of the time, I just carried the one sketchbook out of convenience. Thus, the advantage of having your modified moleskine!

  18. lin Says:

    FANTASTIC! What a wonderful vacation AND sketches to remember by!!

  19. Casey Says:

    These are just wonderful – thanks for sharing your holiday with us! It relaxed me just looking at all

  20. ksklein Says:

    wow. how i envy you: 5 days in hawaii. your sketches are great – specially the plam trees.

  21. Eddie Dickey Says:

    I love the Moon and Venus….

  22. Nancy Says:

    I have the worst time with palm trees! You may be sick of them, but you’ve done them very well. So nice to see views of Hawaii, which I last saw at the age of 4. It looks similar to our nearby Mahabalipuram; but I bet the weather was better!

  23. martín Says:

    What can I say? Just beautiful sketches. Amazing work!! Best wishes.

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