Mini Dash

Mini Cooper Dashboard (larger)

I’ve never been a car person, but I love my little Mini Cooper S. I’ve had it for three years now and the initial glow has not left our relationship. It is cute, well appointed (as they say), and a hell of a lot of fun to drive. 🙂 If only it was a hybrid, it would be perfect.

This is a different sketching technique for me (pen without watercolor). I have been admiring Tommy Kane’s amazing drawings lately and they’ve got me thinking about hatching. He is a master hatcher!

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  1. andreaj Says:

    Great sketch.

  2. Bill Says:


    Tommy Kane is one of my heros. He is a hatching monster.

    I like all your drawings but this one is more “yang” than your usual style ; ), if you know what I mean. I like it.


  3. martha Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

    Susan: Sketchcrawl groups for various cities are organizing here.

    So far there is no East Bay group, just a San Francisco group. That’s where I’ll be then. Sketchcrawl #14 is Saturday May 19th.

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    This sketch makes even me (not a car oriented person) interested in looking!
    Martha, is there going to be an East Bay Sketchcrawl this month, or is it in SF?

  5. Mariana Says:

    Great sketch and wonderful hatching work! I love mini coopers and am jealous too!

  6. Genine Says:

    Great job! Love the hatching.

  7. Felicity Says:

    It’s a great sketch! I took a photo of this same scene at the Geneva Motor Show – I’d LOVE a Mini, I’m very jealous!

  8. Ronell Says:

    Very nice drawing of a piece of inside of your car…like the steering wheel, very cute!

  9. mARTa Says:

    I too love sketching in the car! This one is great! I added color to my spa sketches and think I liked them better without color….too late! Love your palm trees as well.

  10. wagonized Says:

    I love what you did with the dashboard and steering wheel of the Mini!! Lucky you for being the owner of a Cooper S. I remember seeing this amazing sketch of a Mercedes dashboard by Tommy Kane and thinking “darn”. Funny, i sat in a pick-up truck yesterday wanting to draw exactly this. And i didn’t. You’re inspiring me now. Great sketch!

  11. Marilynn Says:

    I am enjoying every drawing, week after week. You’ve inspired me to get back to watercolor journaling. Thanks for the link to Tommy Kane; his journals are a hoot.

  12. janey Says:

    I love your mini cooper too. And those trees coming up on the right. I just finished reading an article about Vincent Van Gogh’s drawings. There’s hardly a white spot on the page, they’re full of marks and cross hatching just marks. Like your drawing, they make it look alive.

  13. Casey Says:

    Nicely done, Martha! I can see why you’re attached to your car – the inside is so cute. Thanks for the link, too. He certainly is an inspiration.

  14. martha Says:

    Thank you! My mini is “dark silver”, with black roof and hood stripes. One of these days I’ll draw the outside of it!

  15. Walter Logeman Says:

    I like your hatch job! And the palms too. Thanks for the link to Tommy Kane.

  16. laserone Says:

    Oh I love this! I love to draw in the car. Sometimes when I have to wait for someone or something I feel trapped, and drawing while waiting is a great way to pass the time.

  17. Jane LaFazio Says:

    Aloha! what a treat, a brief sojurn to Hawaii and sketching every day. Love this car dash too. What color is your mini-cooper?

  18. Bill (wp3coom, comstep1) Says:

    Nice work. Glad to see you’re trying new things. Like your car dash, not that easy to draw for sure.
    Thanks for the link to Tommy Kane. Yes, he’s worth studying for pen tech and his hatching. So informal yet it seems neat too.

  19. Nita Says:

    I like the stark boldness of this. I’ve been enjoying Tommy Kane’s drawings too; there’s a power in the style that leaps off the page, no matter what the subject is.

    This dash has that element, for sure!

  20. martha Says:

    you are a pretty good hatcher yerself 🙂

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