Window Shopping

Berkeley Shop Window (larger)

I made this sketch from my car yesterday while waiting for an appointment. It was fun to do!

Shop windows are great to draw: interesting and colorful, and they hold still too 🙂 . I did some others on my recent Pasadena trip and also the one below in Italy, in 2001.

Shop window, Santa Margerita, Italy (larger)

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  1. miguel Says:

    assolutamente incantevole!

  2. janey Says:

    I’ll take the middle outfit. I love the colors and the way you did the glass.

  3. andreaj Says:

    These are great.
    Great great great!

  4. Mariana Says:

    These are absolutely lovely! What inks did you use? I so wish I could do work like these, wonderful.

  5. Steve Says:

    I’m really inspired by your idea to draw the contents of store windows. I enjoy your work!

  6. Karen Blados Says:

    martha, these are just beautiful. i really like the limited palette and the way you handled the glass. stunning!

  7. Claudia Says:

    …interesting idea to draw shop windows!!! It turned out nicely! And the experiment with the different drawings styles was interesting, too!
    Kind regards!

  8. Jane LaFazio Says:

    yea, I’m impressed too, how you handled the shop window glass. Great idea!

  9. Casey Says:

    What a great idea, Martha – shop windows! These are lovely, and you’ve opened up a whole new category for me.

  10. martha Says:

    Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!

    I did the top sketch in about 30 minutes: 10 for the ink and 20 for the color. I don’t always have time to do the color on site and often add it later (the same day if at all possible), but this time I was able to paint on site.

  11. Jan Says:

    Martha, I think I may have missed going to your site before…your drawings are really marvelous! I especially like the way you handled the background & shopglass window! How long did it take you to do that? I fear I would have labored for too long…I’ve got to start practicing quick sketching!!

  12. Karen at Pen in Hand Says:

    These are great. I’m wondering if you do the color on the spot or if you add it later?

  13. Douglas Cootey Says:

    I am amazed at how you utilize idle time. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you.


  14. Ronell Says:

    Great windowshopping. Great on the colors and reflections in the first one.

  15. Anastasia Says:

    Lovely style!
    Great sketches – the way you did the window glass is great!

  16. sandy Says:

    So bright and colorful and beautifully drawn – I love your style.

  17. Joan Says:

    Enjoyed these a lot. Inspires me to go shopping for something pretty – I’m tired of shopping only at our usual haunts – Home Depot and the like. Just joined this sketchbook party last week and loving it. Thank you for sharing! I had no idea there were so many sketchbook enthusiasts out there. Lovin’ it. I have dabbled in sketchbooking, but mostly do a digital picture journal with stories of our travels, motorhoming, family, etc. But as a watercolorist (student) I’m now inspired to jump in w/you all.

  18. Nancy Says:

    They all are great. I’d be proud to have done any of them.

  19. carole Says:

    I love these, particularly the first one! You’ve really got those reflections on the glass.

  20. Rain (Jean Johnson) Says:

    Martha – I really love your Berkeley window sketch. Makes me want to give it a try. I have really enjoyed following your sketching. Rain 😉

  21. lin Says:

    CHARMING! And with such a delicious sensuousness … wonderful, Martha .. I just love seeing your work!!

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