Traveling: Planes and Trains

Plane, Oakland to DC (larger)

Just got back from Washington D.C. and New York. I went for business but also had four days to SketchCrawl around. Despite a heat wave I persevered and made a bunch of new sketches. I’ll share them here as I can get them scanned in, but thought I’d start with the travel itself: two airplane trips and a train ride.

Acela Express Train, DC to NY (larger)
Plane, NY to Oakland (larger)

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21 Responses to “Traveling: Planes and Trains”

  1. Captain Keith Says:

    I could use plane sketches on my website. Let me know


  2. janey Says:

    A plane full of unknowing models. Perfect.

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I’ll never be able to be bored trying to sketch on a plane again. You’ve shown here how much interest there is if one looks with the right eyes. . . yours!

  4. AnnaDenise Says:

    I love it!!! I always try to sketch on airplanes, but the perspective is too hard for me! You really nailed it!

  5. andreaj Says:

    Oh these are so great. I LOVE the top one. It looks like a really professional book illustration. Excellent.

  6. df Says:

    I love the top sketch/watercolor. It’s very “happy”. like a children’s book illustration. nice and loose and filled with happy energy. The colors and line quality are great!

  7. Nancy Says:

    You make traveling look beautiful. Looking forward to the details of your method.

  8. Jana Bouc Says:

    You make air travel look elegant! (Ha!)

  9. Isa Says:

    Congratulations! The sketches are great!

  10. Nancy Says:

    I love your sketches. I recently took a train trip. I found myself unable to to sketch. I had my portable watercolors; but, just didn’t know how to start. I will look forward to your posting.

  11. Karen at Pen in Hand Says:

    These are gorgeous.

  12. Claudia Says:

    …very good sketches; especially the plane sketches!!!

  13. gabi campanario Says:

    hi martha, travel sketching is my favorite thing, capturing all those people going places as you did here. i love your loose line and perspective and look forward to seeing the rest of the trip

  14. Anthony Says:

    Wow, beautiful sketches. Great sense of depth and lightness. I look forward to read about your methods.

  15. martha Says:

    Thanks, all!

    Barbara: I did indeed complete all three of these in transit. As you said, plenty of time!

    I am also working on a post about my methods; many people have asked for more details. I’ll post that after I’ve posted all of the sketches from this trip.

  16. Don Johnson Says:

    As I teach my brain and hands to play together I look to Trumpetvine for inspiration and ideas. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  17. Anita Davies Says:

    A beautiful array of pastels…Gorgeous sketches!

  18. ksklein Says:

    all of the sketches are nice. love the delicate colors.

  19. Jenny Says:

    Except for feeling a tad claustrophobic, I’m lovin’ your sketches. Great color and composition, though you didn’t have much choice for composition.

    So glad you’re back. Looking forward to seeing your stash of new sketches.

  20. Barbara Says:

    In your next update could you describe your process for us newbies. Did you really accomplish that while flying? Or did you do some of it at home later? I know you had several hours to work but, but, but….it seems very difficult to me! – Barbara

  21. lin Says:

    What a wonderful group of sketches! and such terrific perspective! I love how you use ink and the perfect wash to make it glow!

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