Ashland Oregon Sketchbook

View up North Main Street (larger)

Last month I went to Ashland Oregon for a long weekend of play and relaxation with some women from my book club. It’s the “Bad Girls” book club: you don’t have to read the book if you bring good snacks!

Ashland is a pretty town surrounded by scenic rural areas, and is especially known for it’s almost year round Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We were not able to get tickets for all of the plays we had hoped to see, but we had a great time hanging out, eating out, shopping and talking.

The Fall colors were stunning! The trees were on fire each with their own blast of color: yellow, orange, pink or red. I was able to do some sketching but didn’t fully do those colors justice, I’m afraid. I also had fun sketching from the plane again. That sketch, of course, was drawn mostly from memory.

Lithia Park (larger)

Marin County from the Air (larger)

Main St. Restaurant (larger)

Backyard Cabana (larger)

Sketching in Ashland

17 Responses to “Ashland Oregon Sketchbook”

  1. vanessa Says:

    What beautiful paintings! I live here in Ashland and you really captured some of the beauty of the town. I hope you come bacj to visit again sometime and in the meantime keep creating!

  2. Shari Says:

    I loved seeing your sketches of my home town. I have lived in Ashland for 23 years and I adore Ashland. I recognize the Pasta Piatti Restaurant. I love to go to Lithia Park and sketch in my watercolor moleskine journal.

  3. Joan Y Says:

    Martha! I can’t believe I haven’t visited before! Your drawings are amazing! What an incredible “eye” you have! I’ve been enjoying your sketchbooks, and being from Hawaii, really enjoyed looking through your Maui drawings. You are an inspiration!

  4. janey Says:

    Love these sketches, especially the first one. I can almost smelll the fresh air.

  5. df Says:

    great sketches. Sounds like a fun trip. Does your entire book club sketch or were you out on your own?

  6. Africantapestry Says:

    I missed a few of your latest travel sketches and I enjoyed catching up, as is always the case when I visit here…
    The “doodles” that you made in the dark, is amazing! Only a talented and practised hand can achieve that, mine would really look like doodles!
    And I like your book club – you don’t have to read the book if you bring good snacks!!” Wonderful sketches from Ashland – I love your marin county from the air…it is amazing!

  7. Jana Bouc Says:

    Wonderful colors on Main Street. The red very effective. I really like the landscape out the plane window with the wing of the plane included. I think that’s my favorite.

  8. Anita Davies Says:

    Your work always looks so fresh and light…always a pleasure.

  9. gabi campanario Says:

    I really like how you captured the foliage on the trees. Both the line and colors are spot on!

  10. emma pod Says:

    Ashland is a very pretty city and the trees have been fabulous in Oregon this fall! These are really nice drawings….love the colors! Your Bad Girls Bookclub sounds like great fun!

  11. Karen at Pen in Hand Says:

    Great little collection, and you really DO have fun sketching from the plane. Those are some of my favorites of yours.

  12. Donn Says:

    Really nice sketches. We’ve been looking at that area to move to. Interesting that you have some sketches from the town.

  13. Shirley Says:

    More wonderful travels sketches! The colors of the trees are fabulous.

  14. martha Says:

    Sérgio and Leanna: Thank you for stopping by! To answer your questions:

    I do start with the ink drawing first, then add the paint. It typically takes me about 30 minutes total to do my sketches. The time is roughly split in thirds: drawing, painting, and waiting for painted areas to dry. I often do the drawing on site and the color later, but always on the same day if possible.

    There is a step-by-step demo of a sketch here that you might like:

  15. Leanna Says:

    Oops! Meant to voice my pleasure in your sketches too!! Lovely! Do you start out using pen & ink????

  16. Leanna Says:

    Oh YES! Ashland! Always a wonderful retreat and a good “girls destination” I live in Oregon and grew up doing the annual Ashland jaunt. Haven’t in many years, but my mother and her friends never let a year go by without the annual trek to the Shakespeare Festival.

  17. Sérgio Nunes Says:

    This is a great blog. I really enjoy your watercolors. Thanks for sharing.
    I was wondering.. how long does it take to finish one of these drawings?

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