SketchCrawl 17: Chinatown, S.F.

sketch_alt here
Washington St. from Waverly Place (larger)

Saturday was the worldwide SketchCrawl 17 event, and over sixty of us gathered in the Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco to spend the day sketching. It was a blast!

On Jackson Street (larger)

My friend Lisa joined me for her first SketchCrawl, and we met up with Cathy who I had met at the last Berkeley Crawl. The three of us spent the day wandering Chinatown, sketchbooks in hand. It was sunny but cold, and bundled up we persevered.

We had a great Chinese lunch and joined the full group at the end of the day to share our work. There is a lot of talent out there! It was very inspiring to see everyone’s work. I am always amazed at how differently we all tackle the very same subjects.

Storydesign took a picture of Lisa and I sketching on Clay Street, and made a close-up of my sketch:

Sketching on Clay Street (original)

Sketching on Clay Street (original)

At Grant & Clay (larger)

sketch_produce_shop_chinatown here
On Clay Street (larger)

Funeral Procession (larger)

At Stockton & Broadway (larger)


8 Responses to “SketchCrawl 17: Chinatown, S.F.”

  1. Lost In Wonder Says:

    Looks like great fun. Just went on our sketchcrawl here in Cleveland this past Saturday, and had a great time as usual.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. petescully Says:

    the one of washington street from waverley place is especially good, i like that the buildings in the foreground are uncoloured. great stuff!

  3. Says:

    Love the pattern in the Washington street sketch!

  4. sandy Says:

    What great sketches – wish I had been there too!

  5. Marilynn Brandenburger Says:

    Hi, Martha. I am soooo happy to see you’ve added links to sketching workshops. Thank you again for the most informative journaling site out there. I’m teaching watercolor journaling, too; would you please add my course to your list? It’s great that there seems to be so much interest in this truly satisfying process. – Marilynn

  6. Laura Says:

    This are great, Martha! I especially like seeing the up close photo of you drawing. I wasn’t sure if you drew in pen or pencil. I have no idea how you maintain so consistently your soft, subtle palette but the results are always wonderful. And, as someone else said, I recognize that hat!

  7. Wendy Shortland Says:

    These are great. They really capture that Chinatown atmosphere. I’m finding them interesting, as Chinese New Year is in about a week and the festivities are starting soon. I’m planning to go to Sydney’s Chinatown to draw, and I wonder if you will go back for the SF festivities. It is many years since I was in SF but what I remember in Chinatown there is the beautiful JADE.

  8. Lisa Reed Says:

    Ohhhhh what a wonderful day we had and you captured it perfectly! Especially, the “cheery” funeral band 😉 I can also SEE the banners and lanterns blowing in the wind in your sketch “at Grant and Clay”. Charming–each and every sketch! Thanks for sharing the crawl with me. Lisa

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