Berkeley Cafe Sketching

Cappuccino (larger)

At SketchCrawl #17 I met fellow sketchblogger Lee-Roy for the first time. He drove up from Los Angeles for the event and to spend a few days in the Bay Area. The day after the Crawl he came over to Berkeley to have a look. We met up in the North Berkeley neighborhood, aka Gourmet Ghetto, and took a little walking tour. It was cold though, and we’d already gotten frozen the day before, so we decided to seek refuge in Bar César. There we passed a lovely afternoon, talking and eating and drinking and sketching.

It was great fun to get to know another avid sketcher. Lee-Roy is quite talented indeed and did a wonderful sketch of the bar, right down to the many bottles and blue tiles. I love it!

At Bar César (larger)

And speaking of SketchCrawl, the date for SketchCrawl #18 has been announced: March 29, 2008!

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4 Responses to “Berkeley Cafe Sketching”

  1. Terri Says:

    I just love your sketches, Martha. They have such a good “feel” to them, because they look so real.
    My pen and ink class starts next week and I’m hoping to really learn something. Something that will produce a decent looking drawing for me.

  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    p.s. I can’t believe a date is already set for Sketchcrawl 18! That’s great!

  3. Lee-Roy Says:

    Lovely, Martha. It was a very nice afternoon! Thank you, again. Looking forward to next time. 🙂

  4. César at Art & Story Blog Says:

    […] Martha has posted her sketches from our lunch over at Trumpetvine. Be sure to take a look! I love the way she uses negative space […]

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