The Bookcase

The Bookcase (larger)

This one was a fun one to do. I was lounging at the home of some friends and had time to sketch at a leisurely pace while New Year’s Day breakfast was being prepared. A rather luxurious way to sketch, I’d say! That’s my friend’s oil painting on the top of the bookcase.

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  1. andreaj Says:


  2. wagonized Says:

    I love this! Making a bookcase appealing to the eye… makes me want to draw mine.

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    I’ve been working on perspective drawing and thinking about your sketches of buildings and how accurately they’re drawn. Even this bookcase has good perspective (and the usual lovely colors and feel).

  4. pete scully Says:

    nice stuff. the yellows and reds are very warm. I like a good bookshelf, nothing better, and fun to draw too.

  5. Terri Says:

    I just love this. It looks so real and love the colors.
    I had my first pen and ink class today and the three hours flew by! I enjoyed it way more than I expected to.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  6. sandy Says:

    These simply everyday still lifes always catch my eye and your cool style just Makes the sketch.

  7. mARTa Says:

    Great sketch!!! Happy Valentine’s day!!!

  8. Laurel Neustadter Says:

    I really like your design. This sketch could be viewed abstractly also, as a set of squares/rectangles and vertical lines. Lovely soft colors.

  9. Agneta Westman Says:

    Very inviting, I think. It makes you want to touch the books, look at the titles and see, if – by any chance – your friends like the same books as I do… That oilpainting looks very interesting, too.
    Greetings from Sweden/Agneta

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