Monterey Sketchbook, Part Three

Out and About

Continued from: Monterey Sketchbook, Part Two

Pacific Grove, Coast (larger)

I finished up the Monterey/Pacific Grove trip on a brisk day with a couple of outdoor sketches. There is a fantastic walking path along the coast with inspiring views at every turn. I took a refreshing walk from Pacific Grove to Monterey and back, and did a sketch at each end of the route.

Monterey Aquarium (larger)

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11 Responses to “Monterey Sketchbook, Part Three”

  1. Emre Says:

    Hello I’m quite fond of your work (which I found through the Decorated Journal. ) I’m wdnreoing if you might ever be amenable to considering allowing me to license one of your paintings and using it as a graphic on my website? (I’m a musician, writer, and teacher in Seattle.) Regardless, all blessings. Your work is quite alive! Warmly, Kim Scanlon

  2. Casey Says:

    Your sketches are really wonderful. There is something soft about your use of colors and you draw so beautifully.

  3. Terry Banderas Says:

    Your artwork remains so soft, peaceful and nice to enjoy. I like the limited palette.

  4. Neil Says:

    Wonderful how only two or three colours convey so much more!

  5. Stoogeswoman Says:

    My husband and I went to Monterey for our honeymoon last year, and your sketches bring back some wonderful memories. Thank you!

  6. Anita Davies Says:

    Lovely limited palette.

  7. pete scully Says:

    these are great, and i really enjoy the palette as well. I loved sketching in that area myself. That top one, of the coastline, is great, so pretty.

  8. mARTa Says:

    Have enjoyed all your Monterrey sketches. I haven’t been there in years and traveling with you through your sketches makes me want to visit again soon! I love the color palette you used in all of these!

  9. martha Says:

    That’s a sticker on the Aquarium sketch, from the gift shop. I like to pick up ephemera too!

  10. Nikol Says:

    These are beautiful! What is the symbol in the bottom corner? Is it an entrance sticker to the Aquarium or some kind of stamp? My travel sketchbooks always end up being part sketchbook and part scrapbook so I have lots of strange bits of ephemera in them. Thank you for posting your Monterey sketches.

  11. Jana Bouc Says:

    These are so refreshing. I like the cooler color palette–an interesting change from your usual and so appropriate for that area.

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