Napa Sketchbook: In Search of Bubbles

Sketching and Champagne in Napa Valley

Domaine Carneros (larger)

At Domaine Carneros

True to the “Crawl” part of SketchCrawl, Lisa and I recently spent a day in Napa sketching and visiting champagne wineries. We had a great time! We started at Domaine Carneros, where it was sunny and the views spectacular. Quite sketchable, and the champagne is divine!

Tulips in the Napa Valley (larger)

We moved on the Mumm Winery and on the way stumbled upon an estate filled with thousands of tulips. It was absolutely stunning and we went back later for pictures and further investigation. By then it was raining, so we did our tulip sketches later from photographs.

Domaine Chandon (larger)

We finished up at Domaine Chandon, tired but determined to sketch!

It was a wonderful, adventure-filled day. The weather was dramatic and the bubbles divine. It was Lisa’s idea to make the trek, and I must say it was inspired! She is moving to Texas now, in fact she’s on the road today, so our sketching adventures are on curtailed for now.

I will miss you Lisa!

16 Responses to “Napa Sketchbook: In Search of Bubbles”

  1. Kirk Whiteside Says:

    Enjoyed the sketches in Napa; I recognized the locations from your drawings. I have enjoyed your site for several years now. Always simple drawings which catch the essence and allow us to see what you are attempting to communicate.

  2. E-J Says:

    Love, love, love your vineyard sketch! They should be employing you to paint their wine labels for them!

  3. Terry Banderas Says:


    Your drawings continue to be ready to insert into Sunset magazine. Everything you produce has a nice elegant look to them. I always enjoy your posts.

  4. Jennifer Lawson Says:

    Hi Martha—Love your work and your blog. I grew up in Palo Alto Ca, so your beautiful watercolors bring back memories of those wonderful days. I now deal the snow and cold of Maine, but it is also a beautiful place to live and paint.

    I have read your tutorial on making a sketch journal and I am in awe. I would love to try it sometime—maybe…

  5. Debi Says:

    I love to see the new places you are sketching on the west coast. I am on the east coast (Florida), so my sketchbook reflects our sunny side.

  6. Jana Bouc Says:

    Martha, these drawings are exquisite and convey a feeling of beauty and emotion.

  7. PamYla Says:

    Wow I love the way your paintings travel across both pages. The perspective and beauty of your trees and tulips are just awesome!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Martha–your sketches of our day truly reflected how special it was–a world-class day from start to finish…as is our friendship. We have plenty of sketching ahead of us–who knows where we will turn up next!

  9. Nancy T. Says:

    As usual I enjoyed seeing your wonderful sketches. You are truly and inspiration. You find such beauty in the simpliest of things. Keep them coming…..

  10. Neil Says:

    So happy you shared these paintings with us.
    As always…, Beautiful.

  11. sandy Says:

    Teri is right, It does not get any better than this!! Truly DIvine!!

  12. TeriC Says:

    Gosh, it doesn’t get any better than this. Wine and sketching.
    Beautiful sketches.

  13. Debbie J Says:

    I love the touch of color in the sketches. One day, I hope to be close to as good as these are. They are beautiful! You and your friend are truly blessed with talent! And to have such good friends is more important than wealth!

  14. Anita Davies Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Martha…Love the tulips!

  15. Jean Says:

    Delightful – I am also inspired. Hope you find another friend to sketch and travel with – indeed a blessing. I’m making a small watercolor travel kit out of a cigar box and plan to try it out this week on a trip to Arizona.

  16. Connie Says:

    What a blessing to have such a friend! Both of you! Thank you for sharing – I am inspired.

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