New York Sketchbook, 2008, Part Three

Continued from: New York Sketchbook 2008, Part Two

Madison Avenue Shop Window (larger)

After I got back from my New York trip I decided to try making some additional sketches from photographs. Here are the results. I like these sketches, although they are not as loose as those I did on site.

The shop window is an Italian children’s clothing stop on Madison Avenue. It was the low key color palette that attracted my eye.

Whitney Museum, Biennial (larger)

W. 58th Street Firehouse (larger)

The Whitney Museum is having their well known contemporary art exhibition, the Biennial, and I happened by as the line was forming for an evening event.

This year one of the art pieces is on the outside of the museum: a giant Eagle’s Nest, by Fritz Haeg, perched above the entryway.

The firehouse is on 58th Street, and is the home of Engine Company 23. I walked right by the front if it, did a double take, and knew I had to record it!

More Sketches from New York
More Sketches of Shop Windows

14 Responses to “New York Sketchbook, 2008, Part Three”

  1. Saikat Says:

    These are wonderful sketches, but whenever I do, no matter what ink I use or however fine a pen, my lines always appear to dominate. Do you use sepia, or do you thin you black inks?

    My screen saver is all your sketches …:-)

  2. Robin Says:

    wonderful sketches. i sometimes do the same thing as i walk by somewhere and feel that i just have to sketch it. Thanks for another great post.

  3. Rella Says:

    The store window sketch is so lovely.
    Which Sailor pen do you find best in sketching?

    Best ~ Rella

  4. mARTa Says:

    You know, I’m beginning to think at some point in my blogging life I want to have a reunion with my art blog friends. Imagine a big group of us descending on some unsuspecting city with our ink pens and watercolor washes!!! An art blog heaven event it would be! These are superb!

  5. suzanne buchanan Says:

    Nice idea. I never think about how travel photos can feed into future sketches. I especially like the store window…this would make a great advertising image for the shop.

  6. Pequete (Ana) Says:

    I have exactly the same feeling: I prefer to sketch on site because the results are more fluid, when I use photographs, I end up adding too many details. Your sketches look wonderful, though. And I’m so glad I found out your sketchblog today, I’ll be a regular visitor.

  7. Karen at Pen in Hand Says:

    OOh, what a fab series of sketches! They’re all delighfut, but I confess to being captivated by the Koons sculpture – the way you captured it, and the people looking at it.

  8. Jana Bouc Says:

    So did you visit the Whitney show? I followed your link and it looks like it would have been quite interesting. I so want to take a trip just like yours to NYC. It’s not going to happen this year but seeing your wonderful sketches is the next best thing!

  9. Judybec Says:

    These sketches are really great! I feel like I’ve been to NY along with you. Thanks for sharing your trip!!

  10. sandy Says:

    Wonderful sketches, I would recognize your beautiful style anywhere.

  11. Jennifer Lawson Says:

    All your NYC sketches are just wonderful. I love the firehouse. Someday I hope to join in on a sketch crawl.

  12. Casey Says:

    Another great batch! What a great idea, sketching shop windows! I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, but I think I’ll try it. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Lisa Says:

    Your firehouse is just wonderful, my friend. What a great bunch of sketches from your NY trip!

  14. Shirley Says:

    These are wonderful Martha! The firehouse especially. And you’ve inspired me to just sketch from one end of Madison to another.

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