Restaurant Sketching

Sketching in restaurants can be a real challenge: people move around a lot, and food and dining companions expect some attention as well. I usually end up sketching quickly, and always add the watercolor later on.

Bar César (larger)

Here are three sketches done recently in local restaurants. The first two are in the bars, César and T. Rex.

The last sketch is at Venezia, an Italian restaurant with a unique decor. The walls are painted to make the space look like an outdoor cafe in Venice, and terraces, pigeons (fake, not real!), a fountain and a real laundry line complete the look.

The laundry is changed regularly to match the season: Santa suits, bathing suits, long johns, for example, and even lingerie at Valentines Day. I always get a kick out of that.

T. Rex Bar (larger)

Venezia Restaurant (larger)

11 Responses to “Restaurant Sketching”

  1. Martha B Says:

    Your caught-on-the-spot sketches have inspired me to start sketching in Toronto and inviting unknowns to join me. I love your light filled touch. Thanks

  2. Susan Says:

    Great sketches (as usual). Love the story / sketch of Venezia. Must check it out next time we’re in the Bay area.

  3. dinahmow Says:

    San Francisco has always been on my list, but I never did get there. So, between you and Jana Bouc, I am living the Bay experience vicariously. And loving every sketch moment of it!

  4. quirkyartist Says:

    I particularly like the one of the bar. I guess there is something about drawings of bottles and glasses that appeals to me. I was drawing in a food hall this morning. You’ve gotta be QUICK.

  5. Shirley Says:

    These are great Martha. I love the story about the laundry on the clothesline.

  6. Terri Says:

    I don’t get here nearly as much as I’d like. I’ve been so busy, but I just love your sketches!
    These are lovely, and I especially love the last one with the clothes on the line. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent.
    Hope all is well with you.

  7. a brush with color Says:

    Love your soft touch in your art. These are delightful sketches of place.

  8. sandy Says:

    how very sketch worthy, and you have captured it so well as usual.

  9. petescully Says:

    yes, i love these. i always like those playful colours.

    venezia; sounds interesting, must take my wife there sometime. last time i was in venice my wife (wife-to-be back then) and i had a very bad meal at a restaurant obviously geared to rip off tourists, so bad we didn’t pay, just ran off into the night (when we stopped running, we decided to get engaged). When we got married, we had our first honeymoon night at the Venetian in Vegas, where we had an excellent italian meal with great atmosphere. We do love venice, but we love fake venice too!

  10. Jana Bouc Says:

    These are great! I love Venezia but I still haven’t made it to Cesar though I always peek in when I walk by. One of these days! Your sketch of Venezia is just perfect.

    I used my new URL on this comment — I’ve started a new blog called Postcard a Day for fun… instead of a sketchbook I’m working on postcard-sized hot pressed paper and writing to and from random people…you’ll see if you stop by…

  11. Jenny Says:

    How odd that your dinner companions would expect your attention when there’s a sketchbook to be filled!

    Love the idea of the laundry line, and enjoyed all of your sketches.

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