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If you're a sketchbook junkie you've come to the right place!

Trumpetvine Travels is a resource for the study and appreciation of personal sketching to enhance our travel logs, illustrated diaries, nature journals, art projects, sketchblogs and more.

Learning to Sketch?

Starting out with travel sketching can be daunting but once you get started you will find it is fun and rewarding. Sketching enhances and adds richness to our travel experiences. There is no better way to really see and appreciate where you are, and you will remember the day long after photos are forgotten.

Try these articles to get started:

How I Sketch: Part One, Materials

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What's in my sketching kit? Pens, paint, paper: favorite materials and how I use them.
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How I Sketch: Part Two, Demonstration

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Creating a sketch start to finish: A step by step demo.
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Featured Travels

Make a Sketchbook

Customizing a Moleskine Notebook

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Complete instructions for binding your sketchbook, using a Moleskine or your own cover.
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Kind Feedback

Fenella: You are an absolute legend. I am amazed at your dedication. Your journals look wonderful, just perfectly made, and complete. A true artist dedicated to their creative process is what you are ... on Moleskine Reloaded
Annie: I am over the top blown away not only by your drawings but by this incredible instructional article ... This took an amazing amount of time ...on Sketching Demo
Russell: You are the freakin MacGyver of the sketchbook world! ... Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with everyone ...on How I Sketch
Vanessa: What beautiful paintings! I live here in Ashland and you really captured some of the beauty of the town ...on Ashland Sketchbook
Marty: Your caught-on-the-spot sketches have inspired me to start sketching in Toronto and inviting new friends to join me. I love your light filled touch. ... on Restaurant Sketching

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