Monterey Sketchbook, Part One


Last month I went on a weekend trip to the Monterey/Pacific Grove area with some friends, including my sketch buddy Lisa. It’s a beautiful coastal area about a two hour drive south of San Francisco. Although it rained heavily off and on, we somehow managed to get our activities in between bouts.

Sea Nettle Jellyfish (larger)

Lisa and I found time to do quite a bit of sketching. The first day we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a fantastic place with an amazing display of jellyfish in every shape, size, and color. As you can see, the displays are beautifully lit. But the rooms are dark, which made sketching a bit tricky!

Photo, At the Aquarium (larger)

Having spent the morning drawing our sketches, we spent a lovely and relaxing afternoon at the cozy Works Cafe in Pacific Grove with another buddy, Deborah, painting and chatting and relaxing as the rain came down outside.

Lion's Mane & N.
Sea Nettle Jellyfish
"Blue" Jellyfish (larger)
Young Moon Jellyfish (larger)
"New Acquisition" (larger)

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11 Responses to “Monterey Sketchbook, Part One”

  1. alison Says:

    Such lovely delicate sketches

  2. Neil Says:

    Sensitively uncomplicated,
    Luv it

  3. Deborah Says:

    I love sketching at aquariums. Lovely sketches of the jellies. Looks like a most enjoyable day.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Truly, I don’t know how you pulled this off! My favorite is the “new acquistion”. I remember you appropriately described them as Victorian dresses…they were so sheer, layered and lacy.
    (get your octopus posted to everyone can enjoy that treat!)

  5. Bill Says:

    Hi Martha,

    I just dropped by to brush up on sketchbook binding. I enjoyed looking around.

  6. Jana Bouc Says:

    I like the way the sketch of the young moon jellyfish looks like a night sky scene. They’re all so other-worldly!

  7. mARTa Says:

    Martha, what a great getaway! I love the M. Bay Aquar. I haven’t been in years but remember the jelly fish exhibits and was facinated by their graceful movements. you have captured that feeling here!

  8. Maggie Says:

    What wonderful sketches and colors, the jelly fish dance on the page! Monterey is one of our most favorite coastal cities. We use to head there at least once a month when we lived in California. We moved about 3 years ago and just went there again last September, something one never tires of.

  9. Rosemary Says:

    How fun! When we lived in Italy I did what I called my “drive by sketching” – I would sketch quickly what was outside my window as my husband drove the car, putting in little color notes, then later, back in our tiny apartment I would lay in the colors — it was like my own personal coloring book!

    Lovely sketches of the jelly fish!

  10. genine Says:

    these are great, love the lion’s mane especially.

  11. shirley Says:

    Your sketching and painting style are perfectly suited to show these beautiful delicate sea creatures!

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